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Boy, it’s been a while since I last wrote. Writing regular blog posts is hard. Over the years I’ve realized that the amount of time I have available to “be” Auburn Elvis is getting more limited. Thank God for Twitter. Also, Auburn’s post-2010 woes haven’t exactly inspired me to pen a lot of lengthy prose on how amazing life for an eccentric Auburn fan is. Don’t get me wrong, I live a pretty awesome life - you should be as fortunate as I am, it’s pretty sweet - I just think most of the topics I write about these days are either short enough to be expressed in 140 characters, or they’re in response to things others have written. In the latter cases, I find it’s a lot easier to just piggy-back on the article or blog in question without writing my own missive. All this to say - I don’t write much these days, and I’m not sure how much more I’ll write anytime soon.

But hey, maybe it’s just cyclical. Maybe the creative spark will fire someday, and I’ll churn out some more of my unique perspective on Auburn fandom. Until then…

Thankyouverymuch and War Eagle!