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Last week,’s Jeff Pearlman wrote a pretty harsh criticism of Tennessee Head Coach, Derek Dooley. I responded by sending him the following email:

You seem to give Coach Dooley little, if any benefit of the doubt
In your recent piece on UT Coach Dereck Dooley, you come down pretty hard on him for decisions that you admitted were within his rights as a head coach. Also, you used a lot of generalities about head coaches, and (it seemed to me) you tried to apply them specifically to Coach Dooley with out any supporting evidence. You don’t seem to give him any benefit of doubt. Maybe he has good reason for establishing the rules he did. Your opinion piece didn’t seem to fairy address that possibility.
Also, even if your argument is accepted, I suspect Coach Dooley could respond with corresponding generalities about sports journalist being disrespectful, too-quick to judge, and ungrateful of the privileges they enjoy. As a rule, we should all keep generalities general, and specifics, specific.

P.S. I seriously considered titling this email “’s Pearlman, latest to forget he’s a reporter, not John the Baptist”, but I would have had to go into a lot of supporting evidence that I frankly don’t have time for.
Have a nice day, and War Eagle, baby.

I get that coaches sometimes get too caught up in the atmosphere of major college football and turn into control-freak, jerks. But Derek Dooley? Seriously? Compared to the rest of the SEC Coaches (with the possible exception of whichever temp Vandy has coaching their football team right now, Coach Dooley is downright milquetoast.

UPDATE: I got a response from Jeff about my email. He was very nice, complimented my blog (whoot!), and agreed about the dangers of over generalization. Here’s hoping Jeff makes it to an Auburn game someday so he can get a picture with his favorite Auburn fan.

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