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Mallory Rubin & Stewart Mandel have deigned to answer another Auburn Elvis question:

Dear Mallory & [Stewart],
There’s no doubt LSU’s Brad Wing is one of, if not, THE best punter(s) in college football. It’s also a shame that his incredible fake-punt-touchdown was called back, but wasn’t his taunting exactly what the rule was intended to punish? If we say we want to keep the ignoble antics of the pro game out of college football, don’t we have to admit Brad’s taunting was unsportsmanlike and treat it accordingly?

They basically said he was taunting, but they feel the rule is stupid ridiculous. Stewart went on to rhetorically ask if he’d missed some “rash of taunting” in college football, after Mallory expressed her opinion that the majority of college football fans think the rule is “kinda crap.” I think Mallory underestimates fans’ sensitivity to their teams being taunted. Correct or not, we fans believe our teams are taunted ALL THE TIME, and would love to see that ended. To Stewart’s related point, any rash of taunting is possibly more perceived than real, but regardless, a rule eliminating real taunting shouldn’t be thrown out.

I know I’m a bit of an old-school purist/ idealist on issues like this, but I love college football so much, I want the young men who play it to be the finest examples of humanity. I think this rule supports that desire.

Anyway, you can hear their responses here:
Undefeated teams, Oregon-ASU preview - Oct. 12, 2011 (my question’s at the 28:55 mark)

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