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If ever there was a time I considered online sports gambling, this is it. Apparently, folks who’s (or is it whom’s?) jobs depend on predicting college football believe Georgia is about 2 touchdowns better than Auburn. I mean after all, Georgia ’s beaten… Florida (so did Auburn), Mississippi State (so did Auburn), and Tennessee (um, yah), and …

I know Auburn’s not the same as last year, but COME ON! We beat South Carolina. We didn’t lose by 3 points at home to South Carolina. No, we beat them, on the road. Know that guy, Lattimore that everyone was raving about at the beginning of the season? Well Georgia’s defense was the reason everyone was raving. He ran for 176 yards vs. Georgia. Against Auburn, he rushed for 66. In fact, his 176 yards vs Georgia are 7 yards sky of his TOTAL CAREER YARDAGE AGAINST AUBURN.

Anyway, no one really knows how the games gonna go. You’ll here 3rd down efficiency stats thrown around giving Georgia a huge edge, but the Dawgs had a three-game stretch Against Coastal Car., Ole Miss, and Miss State that really skew things. Against recent common opponent, Florida, the Dawg’s 3rd down defense was worse than Auburn’s. So, there may be some hidden weakness that the stats aren’t showing. Like I said, nobody really knows, but a 13-point line for Georgia seems ripe for gambling exploitation.

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